• Leverage Slatwall Commerce’s integration and API capabilities to connect best of breed platforms together.
  • Marketing, product, and eCommerce management teams are freed to select a platform vendor that suits their needs, not from a limited menu of plugin options.
  • Slatwall Commerce’s rich feature set brings more capabilities, build options, and flexibility than a built-in plugin.

If it’s time to get serious about eCommerce, you need more than just a plugin with your ERP vendor - you need a complete commerce platform to grow your business.

“Isn’t an eCommerce plugin available from our ERP company?” It’s a question someone is likely to ask whenever it’s time to get serious about a new eCommerce project or when the search for a new eCommerce platform begins. 

Probably, but those options usually require extensive customization and limited creative options. Over time, they won’t get the job done. eCommerce moves too fast to be an afterthought. By connecting Slatwall with their ERP, businesses have access to modern, rich functionality while reducing time to launch and project cost. Your company needs best-of-breed to deliver commerce successfully. 

Building faster and delivering better storefronts? It’s absolutely possible when you can connect ERP and eCommerce platforms together.

Instead of waiting for your ERP plugin to catch up to the latest in eCommerce platform technology, you can select a best-of-breed platform that will support your digital growth. Slatwall Commerce can handle complex transactions and product configurations that most ERP implementations simply won’t. From complex promotions and discounts through recurring subscriptions and product kits, as your online storefronts grow and expand, the features and functionality they will require will grow as well. 

Commerce-plugins also force you to wait for major ERP platform and system updates for security, feature, and platform enhancements. Any major change to the ERP directly impacts all of the customer-facing aspects of your storefronts including the customer portal, eCommerce store, and any mobile connections. 

Consider all of the more recent developments in eCommerce - all require updates, upgrades, and new feature sets, is it the priority of your ERP provider to keep up and deliver those services? Possible, but their priority is to maintain and develop their ERP features. 

Beyond the commerce management capability, the options to build storefronts using modern technology has become more important (and more complicated) than ever before. From managing multiple stores (B2B and B2C), language options, or support for mobile devices, the capabilities of a complete commerce platform, like Slatwall Commerce, will take a business there.

Marketing, creative and business operations teams can drive the feature and development requests of the eCommerce platform without having to impact or conflict with the development of the ERP infrastructure. Marketing, merchandising and product teams will have better promotion control, more open access for marketing services, and the ability to create custom-designed storefronts.

Let your ERP solution handle the back office, Slatwall Commerce can deliver the eCommerce and the customer sales experience with the feature set you want.

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