Headless Commerce for SAP

As one of the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on the market, readers need no introduction to the SAP platform. SAP has grown rapidly in the past few years, radically expanding its enterprise ERP user base between 2015 and 2019.

While SAP offers great benefits for businesses, it’s only one part of the larger eCommerce equation. Companies using SAP still need a flexible, reliable eCommerce platform to deliver great front-end experiences to customers. When the right eCommerce platform is chosen and integrated with the SAP ERP, companies can take their digital experiences to the next level.

Let’s review how Slatwall Commerce’s headless commerce platform can help SAP users launch better, faster, and more efficient storefronts for their digital marketing goals.

SAP & eCommerce: The Perfect Recipe for Commerce Success

Faster. Better. Less Expensive. These are top priorities for any business or marketing team planning an eCommerce platform integration. How can you deliver a better solution and go live faster while spending less money?

Traditionally, eCommerce integrations with ERP platforms present you with only a few choices:

  • Lean on the ERP provider for a third-party eCommerce plugin or built-in commerce functionality;
  • Keep the platforms entirely separate.

Rapid innovation within eCommerce has meant that traditional commerce plugins or full-suite ERP platforms are no longer the only options for enterprises who have made an ERP investment. Modern eCommerce platforms, including headless commerce options, and SaaS services can launch full-featured and dynamic storefronts that include tight integration with SAP.

Integrating Slatwall Commerce as your eCommerce provider for your SAP installation allows your business to connect two best-of-breed platforms and leverage valuable eCommerce features and functionality.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or selling directly to consumers, running your storefront with tight integration between your back-office and eCommerce unlocks growth potential and efficiency across your enterprise.

Why is Slatwall Commerce a great eCommerce platform for SAP?

Large-scale and completely custom eCommerce platform installations require significant investments. And the results are often slow, lacking features, and quick to fall out-of-date. The solution is a flexible, modern commerce platform that can be launched faster and easier with a dynamic integration to your SAP service.

Slatwall Commerce is an enterprise-ready headless commerce platform designed to integrate seamlessly into your SAP environment. Delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Slatwall Commerce eliminates the need for owning servers, supports robust security, and adds dynamic scaling to enterprises.

Your SAP platform installation is business-critical. Like any ERP platform, SAP makes your organization run better and more efficiently. Slatwall Commerce supports the CRM capabilities built into SAP through additional syncing for all information including but not limited to:

  • Order data
  • Product data
  • Account details
  • Customer information

For each implementation, development teams can utilize the features and full-coverage eCommerce API in Slatwall Commerce to customize data mappings between SAP and Slatwall to meet the business’s needs. The integration’s flexibility and customization allow storefronts to launch faster for less cost, all with fewer development hours required.

Why is Slatwall Commerce the commerce platform you want to integrate with SAP?

eCommerce has always evolved rapidly. Your commerce platform must evolve in kind, supporting technology services that drive growth, integrate throughout the entire enterprise, and can easily deliver amazing experiences for your customers.

You can get there!

Slatwall Commerce delivers a modern, enterprise-ready, eCommerce platform in a hosted and secure environment. Best of all, the headless commerce capability built into Slatwall Commerce means it's easy to integrate with most ERPs, including SAP.

Modern Commerce Features

eCommerce platform innovation and customer expectations have evolved rapidly. To keep up, companies need an eCommerce platform with a full feature ready for maximum integration flexibility. With Slatwall’s product configuration capabilities, robust promotion engine, design flexibility, and multichannel support, the platform is ready to meet the needs of the entire marketing and sales team.

But with such flexibility, what does the build itself look like? Slatwall is developer-friendly with headless commerce support. With a full coverage API and a commerce-core built on top of a modular framework, Slatwall provides an entire commerce solution while being integration-friendly with existing business systems, such as email, CRM, and more.

As a headless commerce platform, Slatwall Commerce unleashes creative and development teams to build exactly the storefronts they want and connect them to Slatwall via our full-coverage API. There are no template or design restrictions and no feature gaps to hold you back - it’s all there. 

Key Takeaways: Modern Commerce Feature Set

  • Slatwall’s modern and up-to-date set of eCommerce features including complete creative freedom, robust promotion, and marketing tools - are all ready to go out of the box.
  • Having a dedicated eCommerce vendor means you can update and upgrade your platform separately from the rest of the SAP.
  • Modern commerce frameworks are flexible, make more services available, and feature easy integration with back-office systems.

Modular Flexibility

Modular eCommerce platforms describe a commerce service that fits into your existing business, delivering enterprise eCommerce functionality while giving your company implementation flexibility. Slatwall Commerce is such a solution, allowing businesses to use exactly the services and features that they need within the platform. The platform delivers the entire eCommerce lifecycle, from digital commerce operations to existing back-office systems and processes.

By syncing with Slatwall Commerce, you can continue to use SAP to handle fulfillment and shipping, manage order processing, inventory, CRM, or other business operations. Slatwall Commerce and SAP are both integration-friendly and work well together to meet your needs, both today and as you grow.

Every business is unique and has specific customizations and requirements. Slatwall Commerce is designed to work alongside your SAP implementation to provide eCommerce services that compliment and actually enhance the value that the ERP brings to your business.

 Key Takeaways: Modular Flexibility

  • While Slatwall is full-suite, the modular approach means that each collection of services and tools is independent of the rest of the platform. You'll only use what's needed.
  • Modularity supports adaptation. Launch multiple storefronts or sales channels that each use different platform modules or feature sets within Slatwall - all for the same price.

Better Fit Than Plugins

Isn’t an eCommerce plugin available for SAP? Probably, but those options usually require extensive customization and have limited creative options. But by connecting Slatwall with SAP, businesses can access rich functionality while reducing time to launch and project cost. Slatwall Commerce will handle complex transactions and product configurations that most ERP implementations simply won’t.

Additionally, marketing, creative, and business operations teams can drive the eCommerce platform's feature and development requests without impacting ERP infrastructure development. Let SAP handle the back office while Slatwall Commerce delivers the eCommerce and sales experience with the feature set you want.

Because Slatwall Commerce is built for digital commerce and has an open-source core, it’s regularly updated and the commerce ecosystem the platform supports means it’s always current and ahead of the latest eCommerce features and trends.

Key Takeaways: Better Fit Than Plugins

  • Leverage integration and API capabilities to connect best of breed platforms together. Pick the best ERP platform for your business and pair it with a modern eCommerce platform.
  • Marketing, product, and eCommerce management are free to select a platform vendor that suits their needs, not from a limited menu of "plugin" options.

Speed to Launch

With core features, layouts, and integrations already in place, Slatwall Commerce helps developers and technology teams launch storefronts faster. To drive faster launches in a fully-featured platform, it's critical to efficiently import product, orders, and account data.

But keep-in-mind, you're launching both a storefront and a customer service portal, as you'll want to improve self-service options while encouraging repeat purchases and loyalty. Slatwall can deliver both customer experiences with a rapid speed-to-launch. Combine that with the platform’s customizations, settings, and database tools allow development teams to reduce or eliminate the need for custom platform development. The ability to customize and configure the business operation in a no-code structure in many cases saves time while reducing cost and implementation budgets as well.

Key Takeaways: Speed to Launch

  • Open integration structures allow enterprise ERP solutions to sync required data into a modular, ready-to-integrate platform.
  • Developer-friendly architecture allows technology teams to be comfortable with the platform and spend less time working on solutions.
  • With a fully-featured platform, there's less customization required to get the platform running and storefronts launched.
  • Headless commerce gives front end developers and designers the opportunity to build and create customer experiences using the CMS and technology and design stack of their choosing, thus speeding up the implementation process.

More eCommerce Capability at a Lower Cost

The plugin or eCommerce module from SAP may provide some commerce options, however, the implementation cost is often significantly higher than modern web commerce platforms, which offer more features, improved flexibility, and faster build times.

With an existing integration, data sync, and data scheme already in place, Slatwall Commerce helps your business launch faster than you would when starting from scratch. The modular eCommerce approach means that technology teams can pick and choose exactly what's needed to launch in phases, slowly adding more technology to the storefront. Developers can spend less time working on the integration and more time building eCommerce solutions. With Slatwall Commerce, it's all ready to go.

Key Takeaways: Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Fully featured eCommerce platforms that are integration-friendly require fewer resources and less development to launch.
  • There are fewer ongoing investments needed and more options to get the work done. Developers can spend less time on customizations and workarounds for storefront design.
  • Pricing is based on order volume with no licensing charges, fees, or percentage of sales. Plus, there aren’t separate versions to worry about.
  • Upgrades and platform updates are included as part of the SaaS agreements - no development time or resources required.  

Services That Work

The Slatwall Commerce SaaS is hassle-free for technology teams. Secure hosting and services are built to scale, eliminating the maintenance, cost, and management of on-premise web hosting and infrastructure. The dynamic auto-scaling means the platform supports cost-effective growth; you're paying only for services when they’re needed. Your business isn’t paying for servers and infrastructure that aren’t being used. 

In addition to dynamic scaling, the Slatwall SaaS runs in a fully secure, PCI compliant infrastructure. With a thorough third-party auditing process and rigid security policy in place, you can rest assured that your critical eCommerce applications are secure.

Your Slatwall Commerce SaaS infrastructure is your own - there is no multi tenant setup or configuration where another company is sharing your infrastructure. Each Slatwall implementation is secure and single tenant only - meaning another business won’t slow down or impact any of the performance of your Slatwall environment. 

Key Takeaways: Services That Work

  • Dynamic scaling of Slatwall SaaS infrastructure means your storefronts can handle the growth and traffic volume that your enterprise generates.
  • Keep your SAP environment locked down and secure with a separate eCommerce platform and storefronts.
  • With separated environments, traffic growth or breaks don’t cause any issues or breaks with service. Synchronization between SAP and eCommerce will continue to run.
  • Each Slatwall implementation has its own infrastructure - another Slatwall user won’t slow down or cause issues with your storefronts.

Future Forward

Integrating the Slatwall eCommerce SaaS with SAP gives your business the flexibility to update and maintain each system on its own. As SAP or Slatwall Commerce upgrades get released, you can upgrade to the most modern version of the software without affecting the other integrated platforms. It’s easy to maintain and upgrade your platform to ensure its continued viability, both now and for future business opportunities.

You can extend your platform beyond the scope of the ERP system as well. Consider launching additional sites, new businesses, or spin-off companies that all connect to a single business solution. With Slatwall and SAP, there are no limitations on what kinds of eCommerce integrations you can leverage or build to handle your business challenges as they grow, change, and mature over time. 

Key Takeaways: Future Forward

  • Stay current and secure when running the most up-to-date version of either platform's software. Upgrades are easy to apply in this single environment.
  • An open-source software core means that a community of developers actively contributes to and helps enhance the Slatwall Commerce core.
  • Core updates to the Slatwall Commerce platform occur regularly, and the release schedule is made available as part of the public roadmap.

Integration Flexibility

With two best-of-breed platforms running seamlessly, your business gains the best features of both systems. With Slatwall Commerce and its modular approach, you can select which services to implement and adjust over time. You'll also control the type of data integrated between the two systems. The entire Slatwall Commerce dataset is available via the API for integration, meaning you can access whatever you need within SAP.

With SAP integration alongside Slatwall, you create two-way data synchronization that delivers exactly what your business needs. The built-in workflow and scheduling functionality means that integrations between SAP and Slatwall can be implemented, tested, and launched at speed.

 Key Takeaways: Integration Flexibility

  • Having flexible customization and a modular platform means you can completely customize integrations according to your business needs.
  • Each company uses its ERP system differently, and Slatwall is prepared to address these configuration nuances in whatever way that supports a smooth transition and rapid launch.
  • Your business team controls workflow and synchronization timing, as well as scheduling through administration workflow tools in the Slatwall core.

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