If you're investing in a modern eCommerce platform designed to grow with your business, the last thing you want to discover is missing pieces of key functionality, dead-end integrations, or lack of support for critical business operations.

Slatwall is an end-to-end eCommerce solution for your business providing complete functionality for marketing and business teams combined with developer-friendly services.

Flexible eCommerce Lifecycle That Fits Your Business

Your eCommerce platform is the hub of what your business is doing online - the tasks you need it to perform can run a wide range – from driving online ordering and content management to inventory, fulfillment, and payment processing. 

In addition, business requirements are unique and constantly evolving. Chances are over time, you’ll be connecting new tools, services, and technology platforms. 

You need an eCommerce platform that will stand up to the challenge and handle changes well, all while being easy to use from both a business and a technology perspective. 

The flexibility of Slatwall Commerce gives businesses the option to use the features they need to fill gaps in digital commerce operations. Slatwall is designed to integrate with existing systems such as fulfillment or inventory management or synchronize account data with a CRM.

eCommerce platforms have to enable more than just transactions and selling - they are integral pieces to an entire organization and how that organization operates and services customers. 

Core Business Tools Included

Ready to go out of the box? Check! The core business tools, features, and services that you need to get started are already included as part of the core Slatwall Commerce platform. 

Why is a fully-featured core platform so important? Your team can get launched faster with less custom development and focus on spending more time building customer-facing experiences and your unique business integrations. Businesses save time and money using Slatwall Commerce and can focus on building services and applications that give their businesses a competitive advantage. 

The extensible core of Slatwall Commerce allows developers to connect and interact with core functionality to build new components and services.


So, what if you need something unique developed or customized, can I extend Slatwall Commerce functionality?

Your development and technical teams can make use of three different types of integrations with Slatwall Commerce. The integration options give your team the option to pick the most appropriate and targeted method for business extensions. 

Through the ability to tap into core Slatwall features through integration services, developers can access features, events, and processes to build custom functionality. Beyond access through building integration services, marketing, and business users are able to create workflow triggers and tasks through the Slatwall management console. All events and actions can start unique workflows that tie directly into email, print, process, or webhook actions. 

Create dynamic rules and business-specific processes that behave exactly the way your business needs them to. Development teams can build extensions and integrations through the structure of the Slatwall Commerce platform. The customization structure gives developers the ability to link into the core of Slatwall and override or enhance standard functionality. 

Finally, access Slatwall Commerce through our full-coverage API to connect any website, mobile app, or business system directly to your Slatwall environment.

Modular Implementation

Why is a modular eCommerce platform so important to the success of your business? An end to end platform includes features and functionality that you may not need for your business. In fact, Slatwall assumes that you may not need the entirety of the platform for your business (at least not right now). Whether you use external systems for shipping, inventory, or other aspects of the eCommerce lifecycle, connect the services you want into Slatwall. 

Most organizations utilize the capability to integrate Slatwall Commerce with back-office and marketing systems with two-way data sync. The systems link records and sync updates and changes from one system to the other seamlessly on a scheduled or event basis. 

With a full coverage API powering the Slatwall Commerce platform on both the front end and back end, developers will find it easy to work with Slatwall to connect to their customized business systems.

App & Integration Friendly

Slatwall Commerce's approach is such that eCommerce platforms make up one important piece of the technology structure at a company. eCommerce may serve a critical role for businesses, but it is also crucial that it can be integrated into the entire organization. Non-technical and legacy systems will, at some point, need to consume or pass data to the eCommerce platform. In addition to a critical role as part of the information technology infrastructure at a company, the platform must adapt to changes in strategy, focus, and vision at a company. 

With multiple points of integration, from code and service to API and workflow automation, Slatwall makes the process easier, faster, and more dynamic. The technology team makeup at each organization is different so the requirement that there only be one method to leverage a platform to adapt to changes simply won't work. 

As a result, the platform has to be able to continuously adapt, flex, and adjust without expensive upgrades and insecure add-ons. 

The secure, SaaS hosted Slatwall Commerce platform ensures that any integrations are both stable, secure, and scalable to ensure that they can meet increased demand and growth without compromising security and stability.  

Full Coverage API

With an API that unlocks the complete Slatwall Commerce platform, you'll never hear that a piece of data is inaccessible. Having a full coverage API is critical to the fundamentals of headless commerce that Slatwall Commerce makes available. Through the API, developers can tap into key functionality and data points to build completely custom front end storefronts. Through the API, development teams are free to access the platform and create their own applications, integrations, and more.

As the Slatwall Commerce platform continues to evolve and grow, the API is both publicly available and updated alongside those core changes in real-time. In fact, the entire Slatwall administration system is built on top of the API so our development team and open source contributors are both adding new functionality but making those changes available through the API at the same time.

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