Online, mobile, apps, multi-brand, social, direct-to-consumer. B2C, B2B - it doesn’t matter. Businesses need to be selling in more places than ever before to keep up with their customers. Any modern eCommerce platform has to include support for multisite and multichannel selling and support. Delivering a consistent eCommerce experience with a single platform is a must.

In order to get it right, marketing teams need to be able to react quickly and launch in new marketplaces with perfect customer experiences. Simply launching another eCommerce platform for each sales channel takes too long and too much money to make work.

Headless commerce is the engine that drives all your sales channels. Connect a single eCommerce platform to all the places you need to sell, and keep all the design and creative unique per channel.

For flexibility, efficiency, and growth, utilizing a headless commerce platform like Slatwall Commerce is the only way for modern eCommerce powered companies to grow.

We’re so serious about headless commerce and it’s benefits that we’ve written an entire headless commerce guide.

Headless Commerce for Marketing Teams

It’s all about control and getting what we want! Right?!

The headless commerce concept sounds like it benefits the technology team, but actually, marketing teams are driving innovation in headless commerce platforms. Marketing teams are making big investments in their content management platforms and building out the layout, style, and templates that work on the content side but are restricted on the eCommerce side. With most eCommerce implementations, marketing teams are frustrated by the lack of control and creative design flexibility in traditional design platforms.

Headless commerce removes those restrictions - allowing a traditional website experience to be more tightly integrated with the eCommerce platform in a single commerce experience. No secondary store-only domains, no additional development resources required, and no huge price tag.

Headless Commerce for Developers

Hey Developers - tired of having to keep learning new platform integrations? Get introduced to headless commerce from Slatwall. A single platform that works with all your systems, has a complete API and all the commerce functionality you need.

With a platform that you can count on, you’re going to hand off more control of the front end to your marketing, design, and creative team. You get to work on development - API, integrations, and eCommerce extensions that help your company put it all together.

Hate building the same thing over and over again? We get it - with a headless commerce platform that includes all the functionality you need, you’re spending no time reinventing the wheel. You aren’t going to be rebuilding any systems that you’ve previously built out. Be a more efficient development team with Slatwall.

Headless Commerce for IT

Security, security, and more security. As a SaaS service, your Slatwall Commerce environment will live in a securely hosted and administered environment. No worries about on-premise services, additional hosting infrastructure or hosting.

Slatwall Commerce makes life easier for IT teams. Our support and platform dev-ops teams ensure site performance and availability are optimized and your storefronts are blazing fast. In fact, we have a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees it. For IT, you can redeploy your resources from website support to internal projects and systems.

The entire headless commerce infrastructure is PCI compliant. The Slatwall Commerce environment is continually reviewed and audited by third-party security teams to ensure that all security practices are adhered to and followed.

Want to see the code behind the scenes? Slatwall Commerce is open-source, your security team can run a local copy of the system for testing, analysis, or backup.

API Flexibility

Slatwall Commerce is completely API driven which means your marketing and technical teams have more control, flexibility, and development access. No matter what kind of storefront you’re launching, there will be data that you’ll want to access - order data, CRM, product information, or pricing information. 

Beyond data, the API can unlock eCommerce logic, functionality, reporting, and integrations. All of which are critical to connecting your platform to the rest of your business and critical systems. 

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