Use Slatwall Commerce to make informed data-based decisions using our built-in eCommerce reporting and data infrastructure.

All your eCommerce data is accessible through the Slatwall administrator toolset. Your marketing, analytics, and eCommerce teams can build customized reports, dashboards, and run data exports across the entire platform. No query writing, no SQL, and no advanced degrees required.

Not only does Slatwall Commerce make that data available, but it’s also simple to export, download, and integrate systems with it.


One of the biggest frustrations expressed by eCommerce marketing teams is difficulty in answering simple questions about the performance of their business. Who are my best customers? What products are selling? What products are low in inventory? And so on. With Slatwall Commerce, we’ve integrated an easy-to-learn filtering and data tool, called "Collections", into our core platform.

We understand that access to data is critically important to your eCommerce platform. Collections creates endless opportunities to use data for decision making and analysis as well as make dynamic updates on your website. Imagine being able to dynamically create smart product listing and layouts based on unique product queries - Slatwall Commerce Collections opens that possibility. In fact, users create data collections to drive automations, workflow and reporting within the Slatwall infrastructure.

In addition, because Collections is built on top of Slatwall’s API, administration can create unique collections of data and then access those reports via the API leading to dynamic integrations with services and tools with live data.

Collections can be shared within an organization by administrators and customized.


Built on top of our unique query building toolset called “Collections”, the reporting dashboard allows administrators to create, build, and define reports across all of Slatwall. The reporting service enables your entire team to create data reports, charts, and dashboard widgets that make them more efficient.

No need to learn SQL or any highly technical language to get started.

Your team can also easily copy existing reports to create new options with unique filters and displays.


Leverage the standard Slatwall Commerce reporting or create custom reports to download any of the data within the platform. The exporting capabilities ensure that your company can create, customize, and access the data. Whether you want to create your own offline reporting or provide raw data to an external system, Slatwall Commerce gives you the ability to make use of any of the data in the system.

With the Collections toolset, your team can completely customize the exact dataset that you want and in the format you need.

Workflow & Automation

Slatwall Commerce lets you create automated marketing campaigns to take advantage of unique events that happen minute by minute. Send shopping cart abandonment emails or “Happy Birthday” messages to customers, alert your product team when something is about to go out of stock or run a system process to update a customer’s price group when they’ve placed another order.

Workflow and automation is a self-service way to build out and enhance the marketing efforts you’re already doing with better efficiency.

API Access

Are you tech savvy and working on some custom programming? Or looking for access to build out integrations? Built on top of a complete API based framework means that your data and eCommerce business logic, including commercial functionality, is available through the API (learn more about Slatwall’s headless commerce capabilities.)

The Slatwall Commerce data toolset and functionality means that technology teams, marketing teams, and approved third parties can build applications that access and utilize your Slatwall Commerce data using our permissions model.

Create custom data feeds for your CRM system, publish sales data into your business intelligence toolset or create a data feed of performance for executives. With access data and information, the value your eCommerce platform data provides to the rest of the business is crucial.

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