Hosted eCommerce Platform with none of the restrictions

Slatwall Commerce is delivered as a SaaS service. No need to find a hosting provider or leverage a CMS system as a plugin. Slatwall Commerce does not require any on-premise or self-hosting.

With Slatwall, you get to focus on building, designing and maintaining an eCommerce presence, while the Slatwall Commerce team is focused on providing an enterprise commerce platform hosted on a robust and dynamic hosting environment.

Connect To Everything

Built for integrating into existing websites, content management systems and more. Slatwall Commerce is a headless commerce [link] platform that includes a robust feature set built for flexibility.

Power Without The Hardware

A complete eCommerce platform that’s securely hosted and maintained in the Slatwall Commerce infrastructure. There’s no need for self-hosting or hardware and infrastructure to maintain.

Straightforward Pricing

A simple monthly pricing model, starting at $499 per month, that only grows as your business grows. There are no annual licensing or platform costs and no costs for installation and setup. No extra “editions” or pricey extensions either - the entire Slatwall Commerce feature set is included with your monthly service. With the Slatwall Commerce SaaS platform, you’re minimizing the upfront costs to get started while maintaining control over the build and development process.

For developers, you get access to a development environment running the latest full version of Slatwall - perfect for designing and developing your storefront before migrating to the production environment. Learn more about Slatwall Commerce pricing [link to pricing]

Scales As You Grow

Let lost sales opportunities be a thing of the past. Stop missing out on sales from traffic spikes because your storefront wasn’t ready for it. But isn’t that extra capacity expensive? No need to have idle infrastructure or servers around just in case. Slatwall Commerce infrastructure scales when you need it - automatically. [link to architecture document]


The Slatwall Commerce service offering includes access to unlimited phone & email support for both business and technical questions. Whether you’re utilizing an internal eCommerce team or working with one of our recommended integration partners, a dedicated account manager is assigned to ensure your questions are getting answered and your team has the support it needs.

Help That’s Always Available

Nothing good ever happens at 3 AM, and somehow, that might also be the time that an issue occurs with your website. With development and support teams spread across continents, your critical web presence is monitored 24/7.

Security Taken Seriously

Unfortunately, security challenges post an ongoing and consistent threat to eCommerce. With Slatwall, you get a secured PCI Level 1 hosting infrastructure delivering an commerce platform that is PA-DSS certified.

With a single tenant hosting environment, your account manager will work with your team to promptly schedule application hotfixes, upgrades and bug fixes to ensure you’re running on the latest and most secure version of the platform while minimizing any downtime for testing.

Open Source Core

The core of the Slatwall Commerce platform is in the open source community. The entire Slatwall Commerce code base is available for review and download on Github. In fact, we encourage our partners and development community to actively seek opportunities to contribute to the platform.

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