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Assistance with getting started and a brief introduction to our development support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the development environment is the complete Slatwall Commerce platform. There are no hidden or locked features. The entire platform is available through the API for your development. 

In addition, there are no limits on the number of orders, accounts, and products you can import or setup during the development process. 

We recommend you use the development environment to get your presence built, legacy data imported and do all your testing before migrating to the live/production environment.

Your Slatwall SaaS service includes two different types of support options depending on the type of assistance that you need. 

Developer Support

As part of the onboarding process, we’ll work with your team to introduce Slatwall, answer any setup and configuration questions and assist with locating resources and documentation to help your team get started. Beyond the onboarding process, you can utilize our developer support team to answer additional questions through your dedicated account manager. 

In the event that your web team needs help with any development or you need additional resources to support your process, we have development resources available to assist. Contact your account manager to discuss the type of help you need to get your project finished.

Platform Support

In the event of any incidents related to the Slatwall Commerce platform such as bugs or core platform errors, the Slatwall support team will cover and resolve those issues as quickly as possible. 

Emergency Support

The Slatwall Support team is available around the clock should there be any event that requires immediate support for an environment-specific issue. Examples of emergency issues might include assistance with resolving a failing integration, restoring data or a client-specific implementation issue. 

Emergency support can be requested for a short timeframe and is billed hourly. We recommend that you first reach out to your account manager to request immediate help and to describe the issue or concern so that the account team can recommend the correct resource to resolve the issue in as fast a manner as possible.

Yes, your development environment will always be available for additional development, testing, and support. We recommend that your team continue to use the development environment for any updates and changes before migrating them to the live environment.

The Slatwall Commerce team will keep both versions, development, and production, running on the same core version of the Slatwall Commerce platform. Updates, upgrades and security patches will continue to be applied to both environments.

You can reach our support team by emailing or by phone at 877.886.5806. Upon signing up for the development package we will assign a dedicated point of contact.

Slatwall Commerce SaaS service is priced at a base level and increases based on the monthly order volume that your site(s) are generating. Sales orders, exchange orders, and refunds both generate new orders in the system so are tracked as part of the original order total. If an order is canceled, we do not count that as part of the monthly order volume count which drives the billing cycle. 

Orders placed on the development environment have no effect on the billing. 

In addition, there are no licensing or “platform” fees associated with Slatwall Commerce. The entire commerce platform is included with the SaaS package.

Slatwall Commerce SaaS is designed to get your service up and running quickly. That means that when you sign up, our team will set up your environment and reach out to you to configure your first user account, schedule a time for any onboarding and training, and answer questions that you might have. 

Expect that you will hear from our team immediately after signing up and can be building your next eCommerce storefront using Slatwall within only a day or two of signing up. While our team is working on setting up your Slatwall environment, you can begin reviewing the resources available in our development center including API documentation.

Absolutely. We like to talk about the flexibility of the Slatwall Commerce platform and our infrastructure. Not only is the platform capable of handling millions of dollars worth of orders, but millions of imported data records with no downgrade in performance. As your traffic and order volumes grow, your Slatwall environment grows along with it. No more paying for servers you don’t need.

The variety of businesses and organizations (B2C and B2B to nonprofits and government agencies) and size of these companies (start-ups to Fortune 500) that utilize Slatwall Commerce is a strength and has meant that Slatwall is designed to be flexible to the demands of a diverse set of clients.

Some key points about our SaaS infrastructure:

  1. The servers will scale automatically should you be hit with a surge of traffic or business. 

  2. Our environment is single tenant which means you’re not sharing server space with anyone. Unlike other platforms where other sites on a shared server can slow yours down, the setup you’ll have on Slatwall is completely your own.

  3. Slatwall Commerce is a headless commerce platform - designed so that your development team can optimize its performance exactly the way you need it. No unnecessary platform-bloat to slow things down.

  4. We’re PCI Level 1 compliant. Security is something we take very seriously.

Our SaaS infrastructure is PCI Level 1 certified. Our company goes through a rigid and thorough annual audit process in order to maintain our certification. The audit reviews internal coding, review and development processes as well as physical and server infrastructure.

Yes - updates to the Slatwall Commerce platform become available throughout the year. There are no costs associated with core platform updates. Your account manager will contact you to let you know of the upcoming release and any considerations that might affect your business. The process is designed to be as seamless as possible and the core update requires no time or investment from you beyond testing and making any implementation updates.

We recommend that the core platform be updated on your development environment before running updates to the live website. 

For more insight into our upcoming features and enhancements, check out the product roadmap.


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