eComm and Carry On: Embracing an Omnichannel Strategy

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Times have changed since COVID, and so have our shopping habits. Brands are caught off guard with poor online shopping experiences, or worse, no web presence at all. Now, more people are shopping everywhere and anywhere—whether in a brick-and-mortar location, on a website, or via a mobile phone. These days, the connected customer is in full speed mode. Well-established brands are less likely to rely on retail partners and are moving more towards Direct to Consumer (D2C). The eCommerce world has exploded, and a shopper’s need for a seamless and consistent experience online has evolved more than ever.

Omnichannel is critical for customer-centric brands

New emerging technologies are flooding the scene and at the center of this evolution is placing your customers at the center of your business’ strategy. Just existing is no longer enough. Omnichannel needs to be integrated and feel seamless from a brand and CX perspective, and Slatwall Commerce is well-positioned to make sure you’re selling wherever and whenever your customer chooses. Businesses need to consider a headless commerce platform that can sell anywhere, but also offer personalized service in real-time. Customizing your storefront for your audience across channels is key, whether they are on a mobile device, on your website, or in your retail location.

“As the gap decreases between shopping, in store and online, the fragmented buyers’ journey must be integrated. The Slatwall Commerce platform allows your eCommerce solutions to be integrated, which ultimately enhances the customer journey and experience,” says Christina Muchalov, Senior Strategist at Thrillworks. Choose a platform that helps you manage your organization and eliminates the worry of integrating different solutions on different channels.

We can’t forget data insights. Real-time customer data can be harnessed to deliver the right eCommerce strategy for your business.

Customers are everywhere now

The retail revolution has consumers expecting to interact with your brand from anywhere they want. As a result, retailers need to be omnipresent and embrace technologies that offer a seamless and unified experience. 

“Thrillworks, in partnership with Slatwall Commerce, can help you build this digital strategy and approach your eCommerce with a unique experience across multiple channels. We can even adjust your business strategy to your customers and sector, as there’s really no one size fits all omnichannel strategy,” Christina adds. 

The benefits of an omnichannel approach can help your customers transition easily between your different digital channels. Shoppers can visit your brand’s website, receive an email, or engage with your social media channels and receive different offers such as additional product announcements, discounts, or learn about an up-and-coming pop-up event.

As the line between the digital and the physical world blurs, customers want retailers to meet them across multiple channels. Choose a reliable eCommerce partner and a digital agency that allows you to stay ahead of the disruption.

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