Version 2.0 - Official Release

Today we are very pleased to announce the release of Slatwall Version 2.0.  This release marks a major milestone in the product history, and is the single largest update we have ever rolled-out.  Expect a completly new UI in 2.0 that will speed up management as well as imporve ease of use for new user training, as well as a whole host of additional new features.   We also went back to the drawing board on some of the existing functionality that we though would be better served by restructuring, because from our perspective if it doesn't work they way it 'should', then it needs to be updated!

So whats new in 2.0?

- All New admin UI (Better Search, Filter Listings, Standardized Layouts & More)
- Subscription Products
- Content Access Products
- Promotion Engine Update (Promotion Qualifiers / Promotion Periods)
- Order Management Updates
- Internal Commenting System
- Schedule Task Engine
- Better Integration Support
- Email Template Management
- Revamped Setting Architecture
- New SEO Product / Product Type / Brand features
- Measurement Units for Unit Conversions
- Product Reviews
- Related Products
- Detailed Account Management
- Save Account Payment Methods
- Full Encryption Configuration
- Fulfillment Method / Payment Method configuration & Product Eligibility
- Shipping Method Configuration / Rate Calculation Updates
- More In-Depth Integration with Mura
- & Much More!

Where are we going next?

- POS System ( Including Mobile POS )
- Mobile Management App
- Warehouse Management with Grainular Inventory Control (Shelf, Rack, Bin)
- Term Accounts
- Admin Order Entry
- Import / Export Utilities
- Product Bundles
- Affiliate Management
- Gift Regestry
- Gift Card / Certificate Management
- Saved Quotes, Carts & Wish Lists
- Reporting Engine
- Ad Network Integrations

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