Version 3.1 - Official Release

Reporting and Oracle Support for Slatwall

The Slatwall development team is excited to announce the latest release of the Slatwall eCommerce platform, version 3.1.

The launch of 3.1 includes the release of the brand new Slatwall reporting frameworking. As a result of the launch, Slatwall administrators can create ad-hoc reports and graphs for orders, revenue, product and promotion popularity and much more. The Slatwall team and community have big plans for additional functionality and usability upgrades for the reporting framework.

In addition, we’re pleased to announce that Slatwall now has built-in integration for Stripe, the rapidly growing and developer friendly payment processor. For more details, check out our recent post about Slatwall’s Stripe integration.

The Slatwall 3.1 release features a number of contributions, bug fixes and enhancements from the open-source community. Here’s what to look for in the latest update:

New in Slatwall v3.1:

  • Oracle Support
  • Reporting Framework With Built-In and Custom Reporting
  • Improved Admin Return Order Creation and Processing
  • Improved Payment Processing Support
  • Better 2.x Legacy Frontend Support
  • Added Slatwall Log Viewer Support for Railo
  • Dozens of Other Bugfixes
  • Features by our Open-Source Community:
  • Stripe Payment Processor Integration, contributed by Todd Hatcher
  • UPS Setting Enhancements, contributed by Todd Hatcher
  • Better Public / Private Comment Support, contributed by David Zikakis

The team urges all users to back up their site files and databases prior to updating to version 3.1.

For more information and support related to upgrading to version 3.1, please visit our Help and Support page at

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