Slatwall Features

Product Catalog

The competitive advantage of any company is its ability to easily roll out new and innovative product offerings to capture market share. Even when there isn't anything new being produced, it's important that marketers are able to reconfigure and package up products in a variety of ways to attract new customers. Slatwall allows users to sell 4 core types of products; Merchandise, Subscriptions, Content Access, and Events.

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Order Management

Managing customer transactions in one place is one of the primary goals of any business doing eCommerce. We've worked diligently to provide a core set of functionalities that allow your customer service team to operate more effectively than ever before. At the same time, Slatwall provides the flexibility for your company to operate in new and creative ways, increasing efficiencies while giving your customers the visibility they deserve.

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Account Management

There is nothing more important to your business than your customers. We've built a suite of tools designed to constantly exceed the expectations of your customers. Allowing your users to engage with your business in ways that are familiar, while simultaneously providing new and innovative strategies is at the core of Slatwall’s competitive advantage.

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Total Website Control

Slatwall is not a 'shopping cart', it is a commerce platform capable of managing many shopping carts. We believe that your eCommerce platform shouldn't dictate how your organization's website or websites look or act. By removing the strict front-end layout requirements of many other systems, we're able to structure your web presence in the most effective way to meet your company's needs.

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Inventory Management

All too often, eCommerce systems lack the inventory controls to effectively run a large scale operation. When we architected Slatwall’s Inventory Management system, we didn't look to eCommerce platforms for inspiration. Instead, we modeled some of the industries that lead ERP and warehouse management software platforms. This fundamental understanding of how inventory works in the real world allows Slatwall to provide unparalleled capabilities.

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Integrations & API

An eCommerce platform is only as good as its ability to connect into and out of other business systems. Slatwall Commerce plays nicely in the eCommerce sandbox with all your existing technology infrastructure and applications. Being built as an API-first platform, Slatwall expects that you want to use your eCommerce as an information hub and that data is going to be moving in and out constantly - with as little manual processing as possible.

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Promotion Engine

Every CMO or Marketing Director wants to run unique and compelling promotions to drive sales. Since it’s inception Slatwall has provided a comprehensive and extremely flexible promotion engine.

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Automation & Workflows

Streamline your operations by automating tasks that might have previously been done manually. Trigger automated status updates, export or import data, follow up emails, etc. Any piece of functionality in Slatwall can be automated with ease.

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Custom Data Lists

At the core of Slatwall is a powerful data filtering tool that allows you to define lists of anything. These ‘Collections’ of data can be used to segment things like your accounts, products, and orders. Once a collection has been defined it becomes a dynamic list that can be used for display on the website, triggered for export, used in promotion management, or multiple other functions.

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