Slatwall Commerce for Kontent Extension + Storefront Starter Kit

We’re happy to announce that we have built a new extension and starter kit for Kontent by Kentico headless CMS!

Kontent by Kentico is a content-as-a-service solution that gives organizations control over their entire content lifecycle in a single unified environment. With the Slatwall Commerce extension & starter kit, it is now easier and faster to connect your Slatwall product data with Kontent to create unique and high-performing storefronts.

Quickly build, launch, manage and optimize your digital storefronts by connecting Slatwall Commerce with Kontent by Kentico. The starter kit allows developers to quickly start building with a complete storefront template set while marketing teams can leverage the extension to apply product listings and merchandising directly onto content pages. The extension allows for a true connection between content and commerce.

Flexibility for Developers, Tools for Marketing Teams

For businesses looking to implement modern digital commerce experiences, launch new storefronts or upgrade existing commerce sites, finding technologies that free up developers and provide flexibility to use the tools they want while enabling marketers and content teams to focus on producing the highest quality content experiences without compromise can be a challenge. Developers want the freedom and flexibility to choose their tech stack and the ability to integrate with best-of-breed tools while marketers want the ability to manage content, design workflows, and other creative aspects of the storefront without the IT team. The Slatwall Commerce + Kontent extension and storefront starter kit deliver headless commerce + content to satisfy the requirements of both teams.

Here are just a few things Marketers and Devs will love:

  • Get Live Faster. Developers can quickly install the extension, connect their Slatwall installation and the storefront is up and running, thanks to a complete storefront template and framework that is purposefully built for integration. 
  • Complete Design Freedom. The storefront starter kit is easily customized, extended, and themed, allowing for complete control over the customer experience and storefront design while maintaining all of the power that an integrated storefront has to offer. 
  • Optimized Performance. Not only can the extension be installed within minutes, but by leveraging the speed of the API, storefronts built with the new starter kit are high-performing, making them perfect for search engine optimization and mobile shopping experiences.
  • Merchandising Toolset. Marketing teams have the ability to pull data directly from Slatwall Commerce using the extension, allowing them to create pages to exact specifications using product information within the platform.

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